Risks & Audits


To ensure the security of the platform and all users’ asset, we will conduct security audit before each new release.Vee.Finance smart contracts have passed security audits by SlowMist. The audit report is available here. However, security audits don't eliminate risks completely. Please do not supply your life savings, or assets you can’t afford to lose, to Vee.Finance, especially as a liquidity provider.

Smart Contracts Risks

The protocol will be interacting with a number of smart contracts, all of which impose risks. These can be both known and unknown risks that could result in the failures or vulnerability on the smart contracts, which could result in assets being locked or lost forever.

Liquidation Risks

Assets that are supplied or borrowed on the protocol could fluctuate in value due to the systemic risks of the issuing platforms or market volatility, including the loss of peg of certain pegged assets. This could result in the liquidation or closing of a user's position.

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