Why do Crypto and Stablecoin Sector have USDT?

The USDT in these 2 Sectors are the same asset, the difference is that Vee.Finance sets different parameters for the assets in different sectors for users with different lending needs. View the parameters of each asset here.

How much would I pay in interest?

The interest rate you pay for borrowing assets depends on the borrowing rate which is derived from the supply and demand ratio of the asset. You can find your current borrowing rate at any time in the Borrowings section of your dashboard.

How do I pay off all the AVAX loans?

If you want to pay off all your AVAX loans, click on "max" in the repayment dialog instead of entering the repayment data manually. After confirming the transaction, the Borrow Balance of AVAX will show less than 0.0001, which means you have paid off all your AVAX loans.

How do I avoid liquidation?

Vee.Finance allows users to borrow assets and It requires maintaining its collateral ratio above the market limit, otherwise, it could be liquidated. In order to avoid the reduction of liquidation, you can repay the loan or supply more assets.

Has Vee.Finance been audited?

Vee.Finance smart contracts were Audited by SlowMist. However, security audits don't eliminate risks completely. Please do not supply your life savings, or assets you can’t afford to lose.

If you still have any questions or issues, feel free to reach the Vee.Finance team in the Telegram.

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