Reward Acceleration

VEE token holders can stake their VEE into the Vee.Finance(on HECO) to receive reward acceleration and Vee Finance provides a flexible acceleration mechanism. Namely, the longer or the more users lock for, the higher acceleration rates they get, and they can earn a boost of up to 5x mining rewards.

Here are the steps on how to boost your VEE rewards.

Step 1: Visit the stake page: and stake your VEE tokens. For details on how to stake VEE, click here.

Step 2: Click the rocket icon under the Operation menu, then select your stake expiry and the available number and the lending pool you want to accelerate on the pop-up page.

Step3: The acceleration rate depends on how much and how long your stake and there are 8 strategic acceleration rates for users who have staken VEE tokens.

Step 4: Click the Speed Up button. After the transaction is confirmed, you can view the reward acceleration rate on the stake page.

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