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Vee.Finance is based on Avalanche's DeFi cross-chain lending protocol, providing users with collateralized lending and farm. Website:
Note: Vee.Finance accepts assets using the new token contract created by Avalanche Bridge (AB). These assets have a (.e) at the end of the token code.

Avalanche Bridge

Connecting assets from Ethereum to Avalanche. All assets bridged from Ethernet must use the new Avalanche Bridge (AB). AB Website:
All assets bridged from Ethereum via the Avalanche Bridge (AB) will automatically have their tokens converted to the new ".e" tokens on Avalanche (e.g. LINK.e, WBTC.e, USDT.e). Note that transfers from the Ethereum public chain to the Avalanche public chain require ETH as gas fee.
For more information about Avalanche Bridge (AB), see the official Avalanche tutorial.


1. Go to the website:, Vee.Finance supports Metamask wallet. Click the "Supply" menu, then select the crypto asset you want to supply. Vee.Finance has opened 2 pools, the crypto pool, and the stable coin pool.
2. On the pop-up page, enter the amount you want to deposit or click on "Max", and then click on "SUPPLY”.
Note: If this is the first time you are interacting with WETH contract on Vee.Finance, MetaMask will bring up a confirmation window for the transaction and click on "Approve". After the transaction is confirmed, click the “SUPPLY “button to proceed with the deposit.
3. After the transaction is completed, you can view the balance in the Dashboard and start accruing interest and getting VEE rewards.
4. Withdraw is the opposite of supply. On the "Supply" dashboard, select the crypto asset you want to withdraw, click "withdraw". Then on the pop-up page, enter the repayment amount and click the "WITHDRAW" button.


Before you start borrowing, you need to supply the assets supported by Vee.Finance. For details on how to deposit funds, see above.
1. Once you have made your deposit, click the "Borrow" menu and select the asset you want to borrow.
2. On the pop-up page, enter the amount you want to borrow and click the “BORROW" button. The maximum amount you can borrow is limited by the amount you have supplied.
Note: If the price of the asset you pledged falls or the price of the asset you borrowed rises, your "Borrow Limit Used" will exceed 100% and your account will be liquidated. Please be aware of the Borrow Limit Used at all times.
3. After the transaction is completed, the borrowing will begin to accrue interest and earn VEE.
4. Repayment is the opposite of borrowing. Click the “Borrow" menu, select the crypto asset you want to repay, enter the repayment amount on the pop-up page, then click “REPAY" button.
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