Claim $VEE

Users will be qualified for a portion of the mined VEE if they contribute capital to the protocol, such as supply or borrow assets, provide liquidity in the farm pool, or stake $VEE. The VEE token you have mined will be shown in your account, which is on the top right.

To claim your VEE tokens, here are the steps.

Step 1. Click the "VEE" icon in the top right corner, and In the pop-up page, select the VEE you want to claim, the VEE reward sources are classified as crypto, stable coin, and Farm. Then click "Claim To Vault".

Step 2. After the transaction is confirmed, click on "Claim to Vault" in the pop-up dialog box. Then you can click "Claim to Vault" or "Go to Farm".

Step 3. If you click "Claim To Vault”, Go to the "Vault" dashboard and click "Release" to start the linear release on the number of VEE tokens.

Rules for linear release: 10% of the total VEE tokens will be released immediately to the wallet, the remaining VEE will be linearly released in the next 90 days.

Step 4. You can always withdraw the released shares to your wallet by clicking "Withdraw" on the Vault page, or farm at any time to earn more rewards, or accumulate the released shares and withdraw them at once, to save some gas fee.

Note: you can withdraw once in an hour, please do not click withdraw repeatedly, if you want to release the newly mined VEE linearly, you need to click the Stop Release button and claim the new VEE mined.

Step 5. Or click “Go to Farm“, you can go to the "Farm" dashboard, add VEE to the mining pool and earn rewards. Please click here for the detailed farm operation.

The overall flow of operation is as follows.

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