You must have VEE to participate in staking. If you don’t have VEE, you can buy VEE tokens from Pangolin here. For VEE holders, here’s how you can start staking right away.
Step 1: Visit Staking Dashboard:, then click on the "+" button in the "Operation" menu.
Step 2: If this is your first staking, you need to authorize Vee.Finance interacts with your VEE tokens. Click Enable Button and confirm the authorization via MetaMask.
Step 3: Enter the amount that you want to deposit and press the Stake Button.
We have worked out a strategic staking rate for VEE token holders, which basically comprises 4 stages of stake. Here is the accurate staking rate (available in clicking on the calculator icon for users):
- 90 days lock Yields 10% of your VEE tokens in stake
- 180 days lock Yields 25% of your VEE tokens in stake
- 360 days lock Yields 50% of your VEE tokens in stake
- above 360 days lock Yields 200% of your VEE tokens in stake
Users can withdraw their staked tokens at any time, the reward rate is calculated by the number of days.
Step 4: After the transaction is confirmed, your rewards will be automatically accumulated.
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